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Article provided by: Weinstock Immigration Lawyers

Visa Lawyers

Visa Lawyers

Is it worth hiring a lawyer when planning a move to the ‘land of opportunities?’ Simple immigration cases do not need legal representation but most often benefit from a bit of consultancy. The United States has a rather complicated immigration system that is slow to act and often frustrating to the applicant who chose to act alone. These results are partly due to the ever-changing immigration policies and chaotic political atmospheres around the world. We encourage you to read on, so you understand the many surprising benefits of hiring Visa lawyers.

Services available when you hire an immigration attorney

  • Visa application
  • Citizenship
  • Naturalization
  • Green cards
  • Deportation
  • Job applications

Surprising benefits of using our Visa lawyers

Marriage or engagement to a foreigner

Thousands of individuals marry people from out of the country each year and face the task of applying for immigration or fiancé visas. A big misconception about marrying a foreigner is that it is a smooth process with less paperwork than usual. The contradiction is that marrying a foreigner involves just as much complexity.

You need to hire a Visa lawyer to complete the documentation and submit it effectively. The detailed documentation could involve detailed questionnaires, which need clear and precise answers. We have enough experience to reduce all kinds of errors that complicate your application. Additionally, the immigration law protects the applicant against these errors because the immigration lawyers near me will always take the blame for pressed charges and other complications.

Applying for the H-1B visa

The immigration attorney assists you in applying for visas for foreign workers, tourists, and other similar posts. We work with small and large businesses throughout and have insight into the entire H-1B application process. We explain everything you should expect at each stage and guide you through setbacks. The specific role of the immigration attorney includes:

  • Submitting the right paperwork
  • Explaining the bar of qualification to the foreign applicant
  • Navigating the requests of evidence
  • Addressing setbacks that cause delays and denials

Gather the right data

The embassy requires one to submit several different details to prove the applicant’s eligibility for the Visa. Therefore, we will help you gather all related data, photographs, and additional proof to support the application. While anyone can present these documents as per the detailed specification, it is prudent to hire an attorney who will use their legal skills to document them in an appealing and practical format.

Green card application

The Green card is the gateway to permanent residency in the US. An experienced attorney has a straightforward way of submitting these documents while ensuring you stand a chance at citizenship. In addition, we ensure you retain your rights throughout the application process and complete the papers for a successful Visa application process.

Weinstock Visa lawyers offer numerous expert immigration services for the immigration or visitation process. They will explore all possible opportunities regarding your case and advise you on the route that guarantees optimal results. In addition, our free legal consultation service is available via 770-913-0800. Call the best immigration law firms near me today for an accessible, accurate, and timely analysis of your papers.


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